Jacob Punz

Hi, I'm Jacob! Welcome to jacobpunz.com - I purchased this domain and then felt obligated to create a little webpage, so now if you want to learn more about me you've come to the right corner of the internet.

I'm from the East Bay. I graduated with a bachelors from UC Santa Cruz. I started a career in IT and I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying that path so far. I currently fill a niche on a small IT team as the primary helpdesk agent but also help build out various systems. If you're interested in who I am professionally you can out more one everyone's favorite and genuine social media site: LinkedIn.

Outside of work, my favorite thing to do in my free time is run. I'm not focused on speed, instead I'm building an aerobic base and adding training volume so I can slowly push greater distances. I also spend time developing myself by learning a little Python and tinkering in my homelab. I like to also express my creative side. What that looks like differs over time but back in 2021 I compiled a portfolio of art I made - if that interests you, check it out at digitalfog.net.

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